lakeside at turn of the year

Art despite Corona

For the third time I am inviting to the annual exhibition. For me and my artists it is a review and a preview.

For the Lakeside Gallery this was not an easy year either.  But we look optimistically into the future and still like to think back to the few and very beautiful exhibitions in 2020.

The exhibition year 2020 began with the participation in the art fair Art Innsbruck. On March 5th we celebrated the opening of the exhibition „Printed Dream Reality“ with Helen Eggenschwiler. After about a week the lockdown came. In mid-May the exhibition was able to reopen and was extended until the beginning of June.

The planning uncertainty called for new ideas and formats and so the exhibition series „Art spontaneously“ was born.
This exhibition format enabled various artists to inspire us with their works and to give us an insight into their portfolio. „Made in Germany“ and „Abstract Beauty“ accompanied us in this way throughout the summer.

In July the first edition of the virtual art fair ARTFAIR Mannheim took place. It was very exciting to participate in such a pioneer format. The big fairs soon followed with similar programs. It remains to be seen whether this is future-proof. I still like the personal exchange more.
In September I changed roles and exhibited my own works as an artist in the gallery. It was unusual to be in the center of attention; it is usually me who presents other artists.

With Simona Deflorin and a very emotional laudatory speech by Malte Frank at the opening reception, the last solo exhibition of this year took place.

And now?  It goes on! You can look forward to a great exhibition program next year.

We make and present „KUNST TROTZ(T) CORONA“. 

The exhibition title stands for the fact that despite Corona we should not forget to surround ourselves with the beautiful things that art provides us with. But it also means that the ground has been pulled from under the feet of many artists and many exhibitions and events have been cancelled. It is about existence.

Come and enjoy the beautiful side of life – enjoy art and who knows, maybe you will find something for you or your loved ones!

You can also view the exhibition online here.

I wish you a wonderful Advent season and look forward to seeing you again. Stay healthy!

Lakeside Gallery
Sussi Hodel

The obligation to wear a mask is observed by us. Max. number of persons in the gallery: 4. We currently do not serve food and drinks in the gallery and ask for your understanding.